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BioPreferred® Seminars
 Driving BioPreferred® With The Presidential Memorandum
Description: The Feb. 21, 2012 Presidential Memorandum - Driving Innovation and Creating Jobs in Rural America through BioBased and Sustainable Product Procurement raises the bar for biobased purchasing in the Federal sector.
Format: Seminar (On-Demand 24/7, 60 minutes)
 From Awareness to Action: The BioPreferred® Federal Procurement Preference Program
Description: This seminar will introduce the viewer to the BioPreferred®Federal Procurement Preference Program. Federal contractors will gain an understanding of their responsibilities for giving procurement preference to biobased products and how doing so will advance important national goals.
Format: Seminar (On-Demand 24/7, 60 minutes)
 Products in Operations, Maintenance, and Cleaning
Description: After an overview of the BioPreferred®Federal Procurement Preference Program, this seminar will focus on biobased products for Operations, Maintenance, and Cleaning including success stories and best practices.
Format: Seminar (On-Demand 24/7, 60 minutes)
 BioPreferred® Training for USDA Acquisition Community
The training provides detail on the mandatory requirements for Federal agencies to purchase biobased products in categories identified by USDA.
Format: YouTube, 18:30 minutes
 BioPreferred® Federal Procurement Preference Program Training
An introduction to your responsibilities under the BioPreferred Federal Procurement Preference Training
Format: Web, 1 hour
 Purchasing Green Products
Specifically for purchase card holders, this training covers all of the Federal government-recognized green purchasing categories
Format: Web, 1 hour
 Buying Smart! Using a Lifecycle Checklist
A useful tool to help determine the total lifecycle costs of biobased products as compared to their non-biobased counterparts
Format: Video + Lifecycle checklist, approximately 15 minutes
 BioPreferred Classroom Training
A resource for instructors who wish to introduce the BioPreferred Procurement Preference Training in a classroom setting
Format: PowerPoint with notes, 2 hours
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