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Product Details
Product Name:
Best Yet
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Company Name:
22303 Interstate 45
Spring, Texas 77389 US
Mr. Matthew Jones
Phone: 281-367-5075
Product Website:
Product Description:
Best Yet is our micro sized, non toxic, Insect control formulation composed of two ingredients, modified and fractionated Red Texas Cedar oil and Hydrated Silica, (Liquefied Quartz Rock) an eight tailed octa-Molecule, just 1/800 the size of a water molecule that acts as the carrier. Best Yet comes ready to use, no dilution required.
Product Application:
Ave. application rate (spraying): 1 Gal of Best Yet per 1,000 SQ Ft
Ave. application rate (fogging): 1 Gal of Best Yet per 1,800 SQ Ft
Unique Feature:
DEET FREE, NON-TOXIC insect Repellent.
National Stock Number:
Biobased Content: 43%
BEES Functional Unit: 1 gallon of insect repellant
BEES Environmental Performance: 0.1196
BEES Economic Performance: 42.88
BEES Human Health: 768,159.00
Alternative Environmental Performance Data:
Alternative Economic Performance Data:
Alternative Human Health Data:
Industry Standards: Web site NRCS Web Site