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Product Details
Product Name:
Best Yet
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Company Name:
22303 Interstate 45
Spring, Texas 77389 US
Mr. Matthew Jones
Phone: 281-367-5075
Product Website:
Product Description:
Best Yet is our micro sized, non toxic, contact killer Insect control formulation composed of two ingredients, modified and fractionated Red Texas Cedar oil and Hydrated Silica, (Liquefied Quartz Rock) an eight tailed octa-Molecule, just 1/800 the size of a water molecule that acts as the carrier. Best Yet comes ready to use, no dilution required. Best Yet is a GRAS product, “Generally Regarded As Safe” and exempt from Registration by the EPA.

Average application rate (spraying): 1 Gal of Best Yet per 1,000 SQ Ft
(fogging): 1 Gal of Best Yet per 1,800 SQ Ft

For general indoor pest control, apply the Best Yet solution as a spray to window seals, door frames, entrances to attics or basements, along baseboards, and along exposed piping such as but not limited to under sinks.

For house fleas, spray 4 ft higher than any pet can reach. This includes couches beds, shelves, dressers, etc. Start at this height and work your way down to the ground spraying every surface.

For bed bugs, for mild to moderate infestations, one may treat effectively spraying with Best Yet. All bed bugs, eggs and larvae that are wetted by the spray are goners. Hand spray, all furniture, bed frame, headboard, mattress, all tufts and creases, and box springs paying special attention to all carpet edges.

For a detailed bed bug removal protocol and best bed bug practices please refer to this link:
Make sure that all pilot lights are off, and any ignition source is extinguished; please follow all of the safety guidelines that come with your fogger. Remove all outlet, faceplate, and switch plate covers to gain access to the walls were bedbugs often nest. REMOVE ALL ANIMALS AND PLANTS FROM THE TARGET AREA.

For helpful tips and hints on how to operate the CedarCide Fogger Machine please visit this web page:

It’s highly recommended that you eliminate all fleas from the pet’s environment first, TREAT SPACES FIRST, PETS LAST.
Best Yet and Dogs-
Spritz or spray directly on dog’s back, neck, tummy, legs and tail, wetting to the skin, including pits and ears. Soak them, especially the first few times, after several liberal treatments you can reduce the spray amount since the hair follicles will start to absorb the solution and keep it wicked into the hide. Dogs may be treated daily or weekly depending in the insect population in your area. The BEST YET will moisten their hide and start to heal the areas the flea, tick and mite bites may have aggravated on the hide. Avoid contact with animal’s eyes while treating with Best Yet.
Mange issues- Liberally soak problem areas with Best Yet morning, noon and night until healing and hair growth are visible.
Best Yet and Cats-
Spritz or spray directly on cat’s back, neck, tummy, legs and tail, wetting to the skin, including pits and ears. Note, some cats dislike the sound of the spritz or spray, if so, try filling a shallow bowl with Best Yet and sneak it on by dipping a favorite brush in the solution as you comb through the fur, or dipping your fingers in the bowl then hand pat BEST YET onto your pet’s fur. BEST YET will instantly kill all fleas and ticks exposed to the BEST YET fluid, leaving the animal flea free. After treatment, you may towel pat the cat to reduce the remaining fluid, especially on longer haired breeds, then let your cat do what cats do best, groom. You may treat daily to weekly, depending in the population levels of insects in your area
As a Repellent-
For relief from biting insects, apply Best Yet until skin is glistening. BEST YET can be used on children of all ages and animals of any kind. It can be applied directly to the skin or over clothing. It is clear and non-staining and will leave the skin with a clean smooth and refreshed feeling not found with aerosol repellents.
Product Application:
Ave. application rate (spraying): 1 Gal of Best Yet per 1,000 SQ Ft
Ave. application rate (fogging): 1 Gal of Best Yet per 1,800 SQ Ft
Unique Feature:
DEET FREE, NON-TOXIC Puppy, Kitty & Baby Safe insect Repellent.
National Stock Number:
Biobased Content: 43%
BEES Functional Unit: 1 gallon of insect repellant
BEES Environmental Performance: 0.1196
BEES Economic Performance: 42.88
BEES Human Health: 768,159.00
Alternative Environmental Performance Data:
Alternative Economic Performance Data:
Alternative Human Health Data:
Industry Standards: Web site NRCS Web Site