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Training Resources for Federal and Federal Contractor Personnel

*New* Your Work Makes a Difference! BioPreferred Training for Federal Contracting Officers

This course covers the basics of mandatory federal purchasing of biobased products including the definition of biobased products, and categories of products required for purchase; requirements sources including federal law, Federal Acquisition Regulation, and Executive Order; and Contracting Officer's and other acquisition professional's roles and responsibilities reporting the purchase of biobased products; results of purchasing biobased products including substantial benefits to the U.S. economy, U.S. jobs, and U.S. agriculture. Trainers:

  • Crandall Watson, Chief, Procurement Policy Division, USDA Office of Procurement and Property Management
  • Vernell Thompson, Procurement Analyst, USDA BioPreferred Program
  • Marie Wheat, Industry Economist, USDA BioPreferred Program

1 CLP Recommended

Web-based training On-Demand, Self-paced 60 minutes

*New* Fundamentals: Biobased Products and the BioPreferred® Program

This short course provides an introduction to biobased products and the USDA BioPreferred program. By completing this course, you can expect to distinguish biobased products from non-biobased products; describe the two primary parts of the BioPreferred program; list federal agency responsibilities for the mandatory federal purchasing of biobased products; and, explain the basics of the voluntary labeling initiative for biobased products.

Web-based training On-Demand, Self-paced 37:19 minutes

Training Module

Sustainable Acquisition: Biobased Requirements in the New Executive Order 13693

Get the latest on the requirements for mandatory federal purchasing of biobased products. BioPreferred related Implementing Instructions for the new Executive Order 13693;

  • BioPreferred related Implementing Instructions for the new Executive Order 13693; Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade, Demonstrating Progress in Meeting BioPreferred Requirements
  • It Matters: Recent Report on the Impact of Biobased Products on the U.S. Economy and U.S. Jobs

Seminar On-Demand 24/7, 90 minutes

Contracting Officer Role in Contractor Reporting of Biobased Product Purchases

As required by law, federal contractors must report their biobased product purchases. To enable this, Contracting Officers must correctly enter information about contracts in the Federal Procurement Data System. Learn how in this brief video.
YouTube Video 5:19 minutes

BioPreferred® Training for USDA Acquisition Community

The training provides detail on the mandatory requirements for Federal agencies to purchase biobased products in categories identified by USDA.
YouTube - USDA - Unlisted - Closed Captioned 18:30 minutes

From Awareness to Action: The BioPreferred® Federal Procurement Preference Program

This seminar will introduce the viewer to the BioPreferred® Federal Procurement Preference Program. Federal contractors will gain an understanding of their responsibilities for giving procurement preference to biobased products and how doing so will advance important national goals.
Seminar On-Demand 24/7, 60 minutes

Products in Operations, Maintenance, and Cleaning

After an overview of the BioPreferred®Federal Procurement Preference Program, this seminar will focus on biobased products for Operations, Maintenance, and Cleaning including success stories and best practices. Seminar On-Demand 24/7, 60 minutes

BioPreferred® Federal Procurement Preference Program Training

An introduction to your responsibilities under the BioPreferred Federal Procurement Preference Training
Web 1 hour

Purchasing Green Products

Specifically for purchase card holders, this training covers all of the Federal government-recognized green purchasing categories
Web 1 hour

Buying Smart! Using a Lifecycle Checklist

A useful tool to help determine the total lifecycle costs of biobased products as compared to their non-biobased counterparts
Video + Lifecycle checklist approximately 15 minutes

BioPreferred Classroom Training

A resource for instructors who wish to introduce the BioPreferred Procurement Preference Training in a classroom setting
Web 2 hours

Training Resources for Businesses

An Overview of the BioPreferred® Program

This document is designed to introduce the BioPreferred program including a definition of biobased, the BioPreferred® Federal procurement preference program, the BioPreferred label, etc.
4 page document

Understanding the BioPreferred Program

This slide presentation provides a more in-depth introduction the BioPreferred program including definitions of biobased, the BioPreferred Federal procurement preference program, the BioPreferred label, etc.
Slide Presentation Approximately 30 minutes

Selling Biobased Products to the Federal Government

This tool is intended for BioPreferred businesses who want to position their business as a BioPreferred vendor in order to sell their product(s) to the Federal government and Federal Government contractors.

Cultivating Opportunities in the Biobased Marketplace

The goal is to encourage the development of new biobased products and to explain Federal resources available to the businesses that bring biobased products to market.
Seminar On-Demand 24/7, 60 minutes

Education Resources for Teachers

Visit the NBBEP site for links to sustainability, bioenergy, and biobased products education tools, techniques and lesson plans for STEM classroom teachers of grades 6-16.

The National Bioenergy and Bioproducts Education Program (NBBEP) is a USDA-funded, multi-institution, multi-state initiative that connects classroom educators to major sustainable bioenergy research initiatives. The program includes intensive teacher training in Bioenergy & Bioproducts STEM disciplines, including agriculture. Pre-service and In-service Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Agriculture Educators (teaching grades 6 through undergraduate level) who aspire to be leaders in bioenergy and bioproducts education are the focus of this program.