United States Department of Agriculture

Interactive Map – An Economic Impact Report Analysis of the U.S. Biobased Products Industry: 2019 Update

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report analyzes impact of biobased products industry on the U.S. economy. The biobased products industry impacts every state in the nation.

Using data from the report, An Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S. Biobased Products Industry: 2019 Update, this interactive map provides a detailed analysis of the biobased products industry's economic impact at the state level. The direct and total economic contributions of the biobased products industry is shown in terms of value added contribution and jobs supported.

Direct effects: effects generated by the industry of interest through employment, value added, and industrial output to meet final demands
Indirect effects: the result of all sales by the supply chain of the industry of interest
Induced effects: the changes produced from the purchasing of goods and services by households as a result of changes in employment and/or production levels
Spillover effects: the sum of the indirect and induced effects

Choose from the inputs in the menu below to view data from 2013 or 2017 for the Total biobased products industry or for each of the industry’s seven major sectors: Agriculture and Forestry, Biochemicals, Biorefining, Enzymes, Forest Products, Packaging, and Textiles. Choose between viewing a heat map that shows direct employment, spillover employment, direct value added, and spillover value added.

While viewing each map, hover over a state to view a summary of the jobs supported and value added by that state. Click on a state to view summary statistics in a table below the map.