United States Department of Agriculture

Product Categories

The USDA BioPreferred® Program designates categories for federal purchasing as well as identifies certification categories for the voluntary labeling initiative. Unique biobased content minimums have been established as part of the process of designating categories for federal purchasing preference. Categories that only fall under the voluntary labeling initiative have a minimum biobased content of 25%.

The list below includes all certification product categories. Categories also designated for federal purchasing preference are identified with the "FP" symbol and can be filtered by selecting the check box below. The list below includes all certification product categories. Categories also designated for federal purchasing preference are identified with the "FP" symbol and can be filtered by selecting the check box below. FP categories can also be viewed using the Functional Categories list.

If you do not believe your product fits into any of the categories currently identified by the USDA BioPreferred Program, you may put your product in the "Other" category (not listed below) and Suggest a New Product Category. Final decision of category selection will be determined during application review.

For more information on biobased content and how it is calculated, please review the presentation on Understanding Biobased Content.

If you are purchasing for the Federal Government and unable to find the product you need, please let us know here.

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Alphabetical list of product categories

2-Cycle Engine Oils

Adhesive and Mastic Removers


Agricultural Spray Adjuvants

Air Fresheners and Deodorizers

Aircraft and Boat Cleaners - Aircraft Cleaners

Aircraft and Boat Cleaners - Boat Cleaners

Allergy and Sinus Relievers

Animal Bedding and Litter

Animal Cleaning Products

Animal Habitat Care Products

Animal Medical Care Products

Animal Repellents

Animal Skin, Hair, and Insect Care Products

Anti-Slip Products

Anti-Spatter Products


Art Supplies

Asphalt Restorers

Asphalt Roofing Materials: Low Slope

Asphalt and Tar Removers

Automotive Care Products

Automotive Tires

Baby and Kids

Baby and Kids - Baby Wipes

Baby and Kids - Bath Products

Baby and Kids - Diapers

Baby and Kids - Dishwashing Products

Baby and Kids - Durable Tableware and Cutlery

Baby and Kids - Laundry Products

Baby and Kids - Lotions, Moisturizers, and Oils

Baby and Kids - Oral Care Products

Baby and Kids - Sun Care Products

Baby and Kids - Surface and Toy Cleaners

Barrier Fluid

Bath Products

Bathroom and Spa Cleaners

Bedding, Bed Linens, and Towels

Biodegradable Foams

Bioremediation Materials

Blast Media

Body Powders

Candles and Wax Melts

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners - General Purpose

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners - Spot Removers


Chain and Cable Lubricants

Cleaning Tools


Clothing - Utility Gloves

Composite Panels - Acoustical

Composite Panels - Countertops

Composite Panels - Interior Panels

Composite Panels - Plastic Lumber

Composite Panels - Structural Interior Panels

Composite Panels - Structural Wall Panels

Compost Activators and Accelerators

Concrete Curing Agents

Concrete Repair Materials - Concrete Leveling

Concrete Repair Materials - Concrete Patching

Concrete Repair Patch

Concrete and Asphalt Cleaners

Concrete and Asphalt Release Fluids

Corrosion Preventatives

Cosmetic Tools and Applicators


Cuts, Burns, and Abrasions Ointments



Desk Accessories and Workspace Organizers


Diesel Fuel Additives

Dishwashing Products


Disposable Containers

Disposable Cutlery

Disposable Tableware

Durable Cutlery

Durable Tableware

Dust Suppressants

Electronic Components Cleaners

Engine Crankcase Oil

Epoxy Systems

Erosion Control Materials

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Recycling Products

Exterior Paints and Coatings


Fabric Dyes

Fabric Stain Preventers and Protectors

Facial Care Products

Feminine Care Products


Films - Non-Durable

Films - Semi-Durable


Fingernail and Cuticle Products

Fire Logs and Fire Starters

Fire Retardants

Fire Suppressants

Firearm Cleaners, Lubricants, and Protectants

Floor Cleaners and Protectors

Floor Coverings (Non-Carpet)

Floor Finishes and Waxes

Floor Strippers

Fluid-Filled Transformers - Synthetic Ester-Based

Fluid-Filled Transformers - Vegetable Oil-Based

Folders and Filing Products

Foliar Sprays

Food Cleaners

Foot Care Products


Forming Lubricants

Fuel Conditioners

Furnace Filters

Furniture Cleaners and Protectors

Gardening Supplies and Accessories

Gasoline Fuel Additives

Gear Lubricants


General Purpose Household Cleaners

Glass Cleaners

Graffiti and Grease Removers

Greases - Food Grade

Greases - Multipurpose

Greases - Other

Greases - Rail Track

Greases - Truck

Greases - Wheel Bearing and Chassis Greases

Hair Care Products - Conditioners

Hair Care Products - Shampoos

Hair Removal - Depilatory Products

Hair Styling Products

Hand Cleaners and Sanitizers - Hand Cleaners

Hand Cleaners and Sanitizers - Hand Sanitizers

Heat Transfer Fluids

Heating Fuels and Wick Lamps

Industrial Cleaners

Industrial Enamel Coatings

Ink Removers and Cleaners

Inks - News

Inks - Printer Toner (Greater Than 25 Pages Per Minute)

Inks - Printer Toner (Less Than 25 Pages Per Minute)

Inks - Sheetfed (Black)

Inks - Sheetfed (Color)

Inks - Specialty

Interior Paints and Coatings - Latex and Waterborne Alkyd

Interior Paints and Coatings - Oil-based and Solventborne Alkyd

Interior Paints and Coatings - Other

Interior Wall and Ceiling Patch

Intermediates - Binders

Intermediates - Chemicals

Intermediates - Cleaner Components

Intermediates - Fibers and Fabrics

Intermediates - Foams

Intermediates - Lubricant Components

Intermediates - Oils, Fats, and Waxes

Intermediates - Paint and Coating Components

Intermediates - Personal Care Product Components

Intermediates - Plastic Resins

Intermediates - Rubber Materials

Intermediates - Textile Processing Materials

Kitchenware and Accessories

Laboratory Chemicals

Laundry Products - Dryer Sheets

Laundry Products - General Purpose

Laundry Products - Pretreatment and Spot Removers

Lavatory Flushing Fluid

Leather, Vinyl, and Rubber Care Products

Lip Care Products

Lithographic Offset Inks (Heatset)

Loose-Fill and Batt Insulation

Lotions and Moisturizers

Lumber, Millwork, Underlayment, Engineered Wood Products

Masonry and Paving Systems

Massage Oils

Mattresses, Mattress Toppers, and Pillows

Medical Supplies

Metal Cleaners and Corrosion Removers - Corrosion Removers

Metal Cleaners and Corrosion Removers - Other Metal Cleaners

Metal Cleaners and Corrosion Removers - Stainless Steel

Metalworking Fluids - General Purpose Soluble, Semi-Synthetic, and Synthetic Oils

Metalworking Fluids - High Performance Soluble, Semi-Synthetic, and Synthetic Oils

Metalworking Fluids - Straight Oils

Microbial Cleaning Products - Drain Maintenance Products

Microbial Cleaning Products - General Cleaners

Microbial Cleaning Products - Wastewater Maintenance Products

Mobile Equipment Hydraulic Fluids

Mulch and Compost Materials

Multipurpose Cleaners

Multipurpose Lubricants

Oral Care Products - Oral Care Tools

Oral Care Products - Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Other Dyes

Other Lubricants

Oven and Grill Cleaners

Packing and Insulating Materials

Paint Removers

Paper Products - Non-writing paper

Paper Products - Office Paper

Parts Wash Solutions

Penetrating Lubricants


Personal Accessories

Personal Protective Equipment - Gloves

Pest Control-Fungal-Agricultural

Pest Control-Fungal-Home and Garden

Pest Control-Insect-Agricultural

Pest Control-Insect-Home and Garden

Pest Control-Insect-Industrial

Pest Control-Insect-Personal

Pest Control-Weeds-Agricultural

Pest Control-Weeds-Home and Garden

Phase Change Materials

Plant Washes

Plastic Cards (Wallet-sized)

Plastic Insulating Foam for Residential and Commercial Construction

Playground and Athletic Surface Materials

Pneumatic Equipment Lubricants

Polyurethane Coatings

Powder Coatings

Power Steering Fluids

Printing Chemicals

Product Packaging

Roof Coatings

Rope and Twine

Rugs and Floor Mats

Safety Equipment

Sanitary Tissues

Shaving Products

Shipping Pallets

Shopping and Trash Bags

Slide Way Lubricants

Soil Amendments

Solid Fuel Additives


Specialty Precision Cleaners and Solvents

Stationary Equipment Hydraulic Fluids

Stone and Granite Cleaners

Sun Care Products

Surface Guards, Molding, and Trim

Thermal Shipping Containers - Durable

Thermal Shipping Containers - Non-Durable

Topical Pain Relief Products

Toys and Sporting Gear

Traffic and zone marking paints

Transmission Fluids

Trash Cans and Waste Receptacles

Turbine Drip Oils

Wall Base

Wall Coverings

Wastewater Systems Coatings

Water Capture and Reuse

Water Tank Coatings

Water Turbine Bearing Oils

Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Window Coverings - Blinds

Window Coverings - Drapery

Wipes - Disinfecting

Wipes - Multipurpose

Wipes - Skin

Wood and Concrete Sealers - Membrane Concrete Sealers

Wood and Concrete Sealers - Penetrating Liquids

Wood and Concrete Stains

Woven Fiber Products

Writing Utensils - Pens

pH Neutralizing Products