United States Department of Agriculture

Selling Biobased Products in the Federal Marketplace

Federal agencies and their contractors are required to purchase biobased products within categories identified by USDA. The federal government and their contractors purchase approximately 500 billion in goods and services annually. Federal buyers and federal contractors seek qualified biobased products that are cost-competitive and perform well.

A good first step in marketing to the federal government is to enter company and product information in the BioPreferred Program Catalog. See access information on this page.

Also consider if having a product certified through the BioPreferred Program will assist in selling products to the federal government. A certified biobased product may carry a product label, and the label includes an "FP" for mandatory federal purchasing of qualified biobased products. [Learn more]

Including Company and Product Information in BioPreferred Program Catalog

There is a two stage process to enter company and product information in the BioPreferred Program Catalog.

  1. Request Level 1 USDA EAuthentication Account

    If you do not already have one, you must obtain an "EAuth" user ID and password. EAuthentication provides a proven security process for BioPreferred Program data. To create a Level 1 EAuthentication account, and obtain an ID and password, access Create Eauth Account , and under "USDA Customers," click on "Request Level 1 Access."
  2. Enter Company and Product Information

    Once the eAuth account has been created, access the Tools above. The "Business Tools" app allows companies to enter company and qualified product information in the BioPreferred Program Catalog, initiate a label application process, download labels for certified products, and complete other business functions.

A tutorial for Company Tools is available for download here.