Dept. of Defense Conducts Successful Biobased Motor Oil Demonstration; Adds National Stock Numbers

Demonstration Overview

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment demonstrated fully synthetic biobased motor oils for use in non-tactical Department of Defense (DoD) Biobased Motor Oil image and civilian federal agency gasoline powered vehicles. USDA's BioPreferred Program designated biobased engine oil as Engine Crankcase Oil for Federal procurement preference and established a minimum of 25% biobased content for use as Crankcase Oil.

This demonstration validated the performance of biobased oils in engines, facilitated awareness of sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based motor oils, and resulted in the assignment of new National Stock Numbers (NSNs) for these bio- oils, making them available for DoD and civilian Federal Agency procurement.

For complete details on this demonstration and more visit DoD's Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange

Technology Description

Motor oils lubricate both gasoline and diesel engines. Motor oil is replaced in vehicles during routine maintenance, and is used at every DoD installation in buses, light trucks, vans, and passenger vehicles in support Biobased Motor Oil image of mission activities. Vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), maintenance manuals, and lubrication orders specify the appropriate SAE viscosity grade and American Petroleum Institute (API) classification for each vehicle. The API classifies and certifies engine oils to performance standards. Biobased engine oils selected for demonstration met vehicle SAE viscosity grade and API classification requirements. API certified biobased engine oils are available in multiple SAE viscosity grades. These products meet USDA BioPreferred Program minimum biobased content requirements and are typically biodegradable. The benefits of biobased motor oils include:

  • Compliance with Federal Directives (FAR, Executive Orders, USDA BioPreferred)
  • Full synthetic, API-SN certified, enhanced biodegradability
  • Potential to extend oil change intervals – product cost savings, labor savings
  • Reduced dependency on foreign petroleum
  • Expanded market for domestically produced agricultural products
  • Reduced lifecycle carbon footprint and reduced hazardous waste generation
NSN SAE Viscosity Unit of Issue
9150-01-678-3243 5W-20 Box of 12 one-quart bottles
9150-01-678-3251 5-gallon container
9150-01-678-3210 55-gallon drum
9150-01-678-3223 5W-30 Box of 12 one-quart bottles
9150-01-678-3215 5-gallon container
9150-01-678-2942 55-gallon drum