United States Department of Agriculture

National Biobased Products Day

The USDA BioPreferredĀ® Program is happy to announce the second annual National Biobased Products Day on March 8th.

And we invite you to celebrate!

National Biobased Products Day is an annual date designed to raise awareness of biobased products - how they're made, what they're made from, their many benefits, and the wide variety of products available for use at home, in the office, on the playground, at construction sites and even in landscaping.

This is not a USDA specific program or event. Instead, National Biobased Products Day is a collective effort and opportunity for all of us within the bioeconomy to bring attention to the great work being done to improve sustainability, reduce our reliance on petroleum-based products and benefit rural communities.

Between now and March 8th, the BioPreferred Program will:

  • Promote National Biobased Products Day on social media, in our BioBuzz and BioBuzzGov newsletters, at trade events and conferences, and more!
  • Encourage our Participants and stakeholders to find creative ways to celebrate National Biobased Products Day.
  • Showcase the different ways Participants and stakeholders like you will celebrate the day.
  • Provide graphics for use in promotions - beginning with the National Biobased Products Day logo, which you can download here. Please feel free to use this artwork on your website, in your collateral materials, and anywhere you see fit.

Here's what we ask you to do:

  • Mark your calendar for March 8, 2024!
  • Promote National Biobased Products Day across all of your channels.
  • Get creative:
    • Plan some type of event - large, small or virtual.
    • Get kids involved by holding a poster or story contest.
    • Host an educational webinar about the innovative manufacturing processes you may use to make your biobased products or share information about the different feedstocks or renewable materials you use.
  • Collaborate with your key partnerships and stakeholders to celebrate together.
  • Let us know about your plans. Tag us so we can share and retweet. Or send us an email with details. Want your story showcased in BioBuzz or BioBuzzGov? Contact us at help@usdabiopreferred.net.

We look forward to celebrating National Biobased Products Day on March 8, 2024, with your support. Any and every enterprise is invited to join the celebration.

Together, we can bring even more attention to the great work being done within the bioeconomy and increase the use and purchase of biobased products.