Testing Phase of the Certification Process

Once you have received notification from USDA that your product has met the initial screening criteria, you can proceed with the steps below. For an overview of the entire certification process, please refer to this complete list of steps.

Next Steps

  • Email the Documents - Review for accuracy the Biobased Participant Agreement and Documentation of Sample Selection by Manufacturer/Vendor forms attached to the email notification you received from USDA. Complete the agreement and sample selection forms and send them to SM.USDA-RD.biopreferred.labeling@usda.gov. Complete the sample selection form by adding the name of the laboratory you intend to use to test your product (see the list of accepted laboratories below). USDA will send you an email acknowledging that they have received the agreement and sample selection form. This agreement only needs to be completed once per company, so if you have already had products certified, you do not need to turn the agreement in again.
  • Send Product Sample to Laboratory - After USDA has acknowledged they received your agreementand sample selection form, review the Operations Manual for the Biobased Product Certification Program. Send a sample of your product to the accepted laboratory and include a copy of the sample selection form in the shipment.
  • Receive Test Results - After your product has been tested using ASTM D6866-16 by one of the accepted laboratories, the test results will be sent to you and USDA, who will eamil you an official notification of certification within a few days. This email also describes how to download your certification label and points you to the guidelines describing how you can use your new label.

Accepted Testing Laboratories to Conduct Testing of Biobased Products

The following laboratories have been accepted to conduct testing in accordance with ASTM D6866: