Cleveland, Ohio Invests in Biobased Products

BioPreferred staff exhibiting at the National Contract Management Association World Congress at the Cleveland, Ohio Convention Center learned that the Convention Center and the Quicken Loans Arena (the "Q") were using multiple biobased products. The Convention Center staff were proud of their sustainability focus including the use of biobased disposable tableware, cutlery, and cleaning products. According to the Director of Operations, the Cleveland’s Huntington Convention Center is part of the Cleveland 2030 District, a movement to create high-performance building districts throughout Greater Cleveland with the goal of dramatically reducing the environmental impacts of building construction and operations. Selecting and using biobased products is part of that focus.

"Sustainable Cleveland" is a ten-year initiative to engage people to transform Cleveland into a "Green City on a Blue Lake." In its 9th year, results can be found throughout Cleveland. The "Q", where the Cleveland Cavaliers play is upgrading their roof this summer using biobased TREMCO products. Tremco, Inc., a Brentwood, Ohio based company, has several biobased roofing solutions. For the Q, TREMCO is providing Endure BIO Adhesive, a high strength, ultra-low odor, biobased urethane adhesive. (Ciston PR, April 18, 2018). BIO Adhesive has recently earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label.

Following suit, the Cleveland Cavaliers sponsor a program labeled "The Most Valuable Planet" (MVP) to encourage and challenge elementary, middle and high school students in Northeast Ohio to think of new and creative ways to be environmentally friendly.

Congratulations, Cleveland for your commitment to sustainability including the use of biobased products.